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IIHF World Championship 2024 Betting Odds & Lines – Bet on Ice Hockey at

The IIHF World Championship is one of ice hockey’s biggest events. The 2024 tournament was held in two cities in Czechia, with the United States, Canada, and Great Britain all hoping to go well at this year’s event.

Here, we explain how you can bet on ice hockey at and introduce you to the key information you need to know ahead of the next IIHF World Championship season.

What is the International Ice Hockey (IIHF) World Championship?

The IIHF World Championship is one of the most prestigious events in international ice hockey. Teams from around the world compete for the grand prize, with 16 teams competing in the first division.

Canada is the most successful team in the 100+ year history of the competition, with 28 titles to their name. They are also the reigning champions, having won the last event. Belarus and Russia are suspended from the tournament, with the latter often competing in the top division.

When is the IIHF World Championship 2024?

This year’s IIHF World Championship began on 10th May 2024 and lasted until 26th May. The event is in Czechia, with games played in Prague and Ostrava.

Major IIHF World Championship Teams

Sixteen teams qualified for the IIHF World Championship in 2024:

  • Czechia (qualified as hosts)

  • Great Britain

  • Poland

  • Austria

  • Canada

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Kazakhstan

  • Latvia

  • Norway

  • Slovakia

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • United States

As mentioned, Canada is the most successful team in the tournament’s history, while the United States is also one of the competition’s strongest teams.

Going into the 2024 event., Canada and Finland were the top seeds, with Germany also possessing a talented squad of players hoping to go the distance in Czechia.

Format and Schedule of the IIHF World Championship

The 2024 tournament consists of 16 teams, split into two groups of eight. The top four teams in each group qualified for the quarter-finals, while those who finish in positions 5-8 have secured qualification for the 2025 event. The team that finished bottom of each group is to be relegated to Division IA for next year’s events.

In this year’s tournament, all Group A matches occurred in Prague, while all Group B matches were in Ostrava. The quarter-finals were knockout matches on May 23rd, and the semi-finals took place on May 25th. The grand final and the third place match took place on the 26th May in Prague.

The nations were split into the following groups to get the tournament underway:

Group A (Prague) Group B (Ostrava)
Canada United States
Finland Germany
Switzerland Sweden
Czechia Slovakia
Denmark Latvia
Norway France
Austria Kazakhstan
Great Britain Poland

How to Bet on the IIHF World Championship, Bet Types & Tips

At, you can bet on the action at the IIHF World Championship with the following wagers:

  • Match winner: This is a bet on the team you think will win a specific fixture in the World Championship.

  • Handicap betting: If a team is heavily favoured in a specific match, you can back them with a handicap applied for better odds.

  • Total goals: You can also bet on over/under a total number of goals to be scored in a World Championship match.

  • Outright winner : Before the tournament, you can bet on the nation you think will win the event outright.

  • Correct score: You can also place a bet on a match in the World Championship, finishing with a specific score. For instance, you might fancy Czechia to beat Finland 3-1 in the tournament opener.

  • First half/second half winner: A popular proposition bet, you can place a wager on the team you think will win the first half and the team you think will win the second half of a match in the World Championship.

  • Draw no bet: You can take a tie out of the equation by placing a draw no bet wager on the IIHF World Championship.

As you prepare to bet on the IIHF World Championship in 2025, bear the following tips and resources in mind:

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