Gaelic Football Betting Odds & Football Betting Tips Online

Gaelic football is a high-tempo type of football, where two teams of 15 must punch or kick the round ball around the pitch before scoring in the net for three points or shooting between the posts over the crossbar for one point.

The game that was first introduced back in 1887 and is now run by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

Gaelic sport is a fusion between soccer and rugby , played mainly in Ireland, however Gaelic games draw a big international audience because of the physical aspect of the contests and the skill on display. As such, sports bettors enjoy placing bets on the Gaelic football odds available at one of the best online betting sites - Stake sportsbook .

This article introduces you to the major Gaelic football odds and provides the ultimate Gaelic football betting tips so you can develop a strategy to bet on the popular sport.

Gaelic Football Leagues and Tournaments (GAA Betting)

The GAA oversees the key Gaelic football tournaments in Ireland, which include:

  • National Football League – The domestic league sees county teams play against one another, with eight teams in each of the four divisions (32 Irish plus London). Each team plays the other once, with two points for a win and one for a draw.

  • All-Ireland Senior Football Championship – An annual cup knockout contest with county teams participating for glory. The final is played at Croke Park in Dublin in front of an 80,000 crowd.

  • All Ireland Club Championship – Rather than county-based teams, this competition is contested by individual clubs. Clubs win through to be county champions, then play in provincial games against other county winners before playing in All Ireland quarter-finals, semis and the final, which is also at Croke Park.

Types of Gaelic Football Bets

There is a wide choice when it comes to Gaelic football odds at Here are the most popular betting markets you can try:


Also known as a moneyline bet , this is the simplest bet of all is to forecast which of the two teams will win or whether the game will be a draw. Forecasts include overtime because if scores are level at the end of 70 minutes of regulation time, there are two ten-minute periods of extra time to find a winner or settle for a draw.


If one team is a huge favourite, you can bet on handicap , and this evens things up. For example, if Dublin are a big favourite against Waterford, there might be a handicap set at -3. This means for your Dublin bet to win, they would need to win by four or more points.

On the flip side, if you wished to back Waterford, they would need to not lose by four or more points (or even win the game).

Draw no bet

This gives your match bet a little insurance because if the result is a draw, you get your money back.

Winning margin

In this bet, you predict how much one team will beat another by. You will typically see Gaelic football odds of a 1-3 point winning margin, 4-6 points and so on.

Double result

You get to predict two outcomes with this bet – the score at half-time and the result at the end of the match. Examples would be Home – Home, Away – Home, Tie – Home etc.

Total points Odd/Even

The points scored by both teams are added together, and you bet on whether the final figure will be odd or even.


In outright betting , you predict which team will win a particular tournament. The Gaelic football odds for outrights will offer more value at the start of a season before teams start to show form.

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Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Gaelic Sports Betting

No one is guaranteed to make money from Gaelic football odds. But by following our basic advice, you can improve your chances of making a profit.

  • Understand the game: Knowing how Gaelic football is played is the most important consideration. You will know what a team must go through to win a match or a particular competition.

  • Monitor news and stats: Keep an eye on the Gaelic football news. Has a team’s star player picked up an injury? Is one team on a terrible run of form? Is the fixture due to be played in terrible weather, perhaps levelling the playing field? All of these things can affect the outcome, but the Gaelic football odds might not reflect it. This is where you find value.

  • Watch the matches: All the top games will be shown live in Ireland, but you can also live stream them from just about anywhere. Watching the games informs your betting decisions and opens the opportunity to take advantage of live betting markets.

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Live Betting Options for Gaelic Football

On match day, check your account to see if one of the big fixtures has live betting markets .

If so, you’ll see the Gaelic football odds changing second by second as the game unfolds in real time. This is a super fun and engaging way to bet on Gaelic sports because you watch the action while you have money riding on the result.

Gaelic Football Betting Odds and Payouts

It’s up to you how you want your odds displayed at

Go to your account, and you’ll find the option to display Gaelic football odds in several different ways:

  • Decimal, like 4.00

  • Fractional, like 3/1

  • American moneyline, like 300

  • + Hong Kong, Malaysian and Indonesia odds

The different formats all mean the same thing at the end of the day; it’s just about how you prefer to read your odds.

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Why Bet on Gaelic Football on

Gaelic football odds are popular because the game is an exciting, end-to-end sport that’s easy to get into. A simple fusion between soccer and rugby, the game is hugely popular in Ireland, but you can join sports betting fans the world over who try to take advantage of the odds.

The biggest games, like the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship at Croke Park, attract most of the action, but you can find Gaelic football odds on many regular fixtures, too.

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Interesting Facts About Gaelic Sports Betting

Although the game’s laws were formalised in 1887, the first known kickabout was in 1308 when one player allegedly accidentally stabbed another!

Other strange observations include the fact that there is no offside rule. Plus, although it is Ireland’s most-watched sport, all its top players are amateurs, holding down regular jobs off the field.