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Bowls Betting Odds & Betting Guide at Stake Sportsbook

Bowls has been around for centuries. It’s thought to have started in ancient Egypt, but took off in England in the 13th century and then spread around the world, with modern indoor bowls championships and international competitions.

Players must roll their bowling balls down the rink and get it as close as possible to the smaller, white ball, called the jack. Each player has four bowls and can knock an opponent’s balls out of the way to win.

While considered a slower game for more senior participants, the sport has gained popularity with indoor competitions and championship games, many of them televised. Live streaming online has increased interest further, leading to Stake's online sportsbook setting betting markets.

Now, you have an added incentive to watch the latest high-level bowls action by placing bets national championships and indoor bowls events!

Major Bowls Leagues, Players and Tournaments

The biggest stars of the game clash in first-class tournaments in indoor and outdoor tournaments.

Englishman Billy Jackson became a three-time world indoor bowls champion, but countryman Robert Paxton topped that with six singles and pairs indoor world championship wins, plus outdoor, European Championship and Commonwealth Games titles.

These are the most important events on the bowls calendar:

  • World Indoor Bowls Championship – a biennial tournament organised by World Bowls, the indoor event attracts the world’s best players. It features singles, pairs, triples and fours competitions.

  • Grand Prix Bowls – A series of showcase multi-day events held throughout a season. The best bowlers in the world compete against each other across a series of formats.

  • Commonwealth Games – Bowls has not made it to the Olympics, but it does feature every four years in the Commonwealth Games.

  • World Cup of Bowls – Held annually, this is a chance for nations to compete against each other in a range of events.

  • Asia Pacific Bowls Championships – Held every two years and organised by the Asia Pacific Bowls Union.

How to Bet on Bowls and Types of Bets

There are several ways to get the most out of your bowls betting. The first is learning about the different markets available before placing your futures bets.

  • Outright winner - Outright betting involves selecting the player or team you think will win a tournament.

  • Match betting - A simple bet where you select which player or team will win a particular match. When tournaments run over multiple weeks, there are plenty of match betting opportunities to bet on.

  • Correct score - Each game is made up of rounds or ends, and a player or team gets a point when their ball is closer to the jack. If more than one of their balls is closer than the opponent, they get the corresponding number of points. Can you predict the final score?

  • Prop bets - Prop bets are special bets that do not focus on the outcome of a game or tournament. Instead, they might be bets like which player will score the most points in a tournament, who will win the next end and so on.

Bowls Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

Like all sports betting, research is the key to finding a successful bowls betting strategy. Here are the key things you need to investigate before placing bowls bets at

  • The rules of bowls - Learn how bowls games progress so that you are more informed when you come to place your bets.

  • Understand the tournament formats - Each major tournament has different rules, with varying numbers of games to be played and the number of ends. Plus, some will be singles, pairs, trebles, fours, or a mix. Know what you are betting on!

  • Follow the bowls news - At the very least, glance at the latest bowling news before bowls betting. Has a player picked up a niggling injury? Is a team short of a star player? Does one team or player favour a particular tournament? All these things can affect the outcome, and you might find value in the Stake odds.

Discover our weekly sports betting tips and tricks to help you further develop your strategy and continue your online betting journey!

Live Betting Options for Bowls

Live betting is increasingly popular because it lets you place bets on the live action as you watch it. While you might normally associate this with mainstream sports like soccer, Stake will add live betting markets if the audience is there.

With some of the bigger bowls tournaments broadcast on television and streamed online, there’s a good opportunity to add live bowls betting markets. You’ll notice the odds change as the action unfolds (even though that action is a little slower than most other sports!).

Bowls Betting Odds and Payouts

Betting odds on Stake can be displayed in various formats, and it’s easy to change them to your preference.

When you visit the online sports platform, you’ll find an option to change the odds format, choosing either decimal, fractional, American moneyline, Hong Kong, Malaysian or Indonesian.

If you haven’t got an account, it’s simple to start. We use our easy wallet process to deposit funds with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies . It’s just as quick to withdraw, too. So, if you’ve formed a successful bowls betting strategy, you can arrange a fast payout to enjoy your winnings.

Why Bet on Bowls on

Even if you don’t play bowls, it’s an interesting sport to watch because everyone feels like they have a chance of being good at it, unlike golf, which needs very specific skillsets. In reality, though, bowls requires a lot of skill.

With top tournaments broadcast to a wide audience, you can now take advantage of bowls betting at, with a wide range of markets, as well as bet bonuses and promotions . And, thanks to our fast deposit and withdrawal process, your betting experience is super easy.

Interesting Facts About Bowls Betting

  • It’s reckoned that 40 million people play bowls globally. It’s especially popular in England, Australia, Scotland and New Zealand.

  • Most bowls clubs have a strict dress code, generally involving white clothing. Players often accessorise to add some personality, with hats, visors and other quirky items.